CRC Public Relations is a full-service public relations firm specializing in media relations, social media and issues management. CRC provides strategic counsel and implements comprehensive programs designed to meet our client’s unique public relations and communications needs.  For over two decades, CRC has worked extensively with editors, producers, and journalists at media outlets including television, radio, newspapers, magazines, business publications, newsletters and the Internet.

Media Relations

What makes a story great hasn’t changed, but the fast-changing landscape has. If you don’t have a unique strategy with a compelling perspective, the media won’t notice you. Whether you’re seeking print, broadcast, or online attention, we’re experts at getting the media to take notice and issue favorable coverage.

Issue Advocacy

Issue Advocacy is about shaping public opinion and creating success through action. Organizations must educate and inform decision makers, community leaders, and the general public. Gone are the days of simply having a lobbyist in Washington, as media coverage and earned publicity is now critical for success.

Social Media

The world is changing in ways never before imagined. Most users now receive their news and information – and make most decisions – online. Tweets, posts, hashtags and followers are just some of the language we manage in that world. CRC offers one of the best Social Media teams in the industry.

Brand Management

A company’s brand is crucial for increasing sales and the company’s value. From building mindshare to brand equity, our comprehensive programs build awareness and stimulate demand. Telling your story across multiple channels – to uniquely influence a smart and connected public- is what we do.

Product PR

Generating news and buzz about new products can often make or break their success. Coming up with “newsworthy” stories are just part of the challenge. Knowing the market –and how to effectively navigate the media landscape- requires the type of ingenuity and veteran leadership that CRC provides.

Litigation Support

Winning in the court of public opinion can be as important as lawyers facing off in a courtroom. Without a clear and deliberate communications strategy, a company or product’s reputation can be severely damaged. We help companies develop an effective communications strategy that complements the legal strategy and positions our clients throughout the ordeal.

Crisis Communication

The most important assets of any company are its brand and its reputation. From political campaigns to industrial accidents, our crisis communications team is ready to assist clients with quick, effective responses designed to weather any storm. We help clients navigate complex issues, prepare for crises, and quickly and effectively deal with an immediate crisis once it arises.

Media Training

Your company is launching a new product or your CEO is delivering a speech at a major industry event. We help create effective spokespeople to deliver clear messages that resonate with core audiences. From fielding tough questions to generating favorable press for products, a trained spokesperson can be a powerful asset for successfully taking a message to market.